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| Recovery & Wellness 5K

September 15th, 2018
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The undersigned does hereby represent that they are physically capable of participating in a walk/run event without causing injury to themselves or others and does hereby release and waive any claim for injury, damages, death or any other foreseen or unforeseen consequence as a result of participation in the walk/run event and specifically releases and waives said claims against any and all sponsors of said event including but not limited to Community & Family Resources and the City of Ames, Iowa. The undersigned further represents that he/she is fully competent to sign this waiver and is of legal age. In the event the undersigned is a minor, the minor's parent or guardian has signed and agreed to be bound by all of the terms of the release/waiver. The undersigned and/or parent/guardian agree that they will never make or bring any claim for damages or injury arising out of the participation in said walk/run and fully assume any and all risk associated with participation in the walk/run event. This release and waiver is binding on all heirs and/or beneficiaries and may not be voided under any circumstances.
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